The Village of Promise

“The village of Promise was established nearly seven hundred cycles (years) ago. Nestled in a sheltered valley, the village is home to the Named Races of Paloma, goddess of Animals, Fertility, Harvest and Nature. The Named Races, as you no doubt have guessed, are Humans, Elves and Dwarves.”

“The Founder and the Lady are the elves who brought us here and established the village. The Lady, although not a cleric of Paloma, is obviously one of her beloved, for she is still with us, helping to guide us in our lives. The Founder left the village many cycles ago. The Lady will not speak of his disappearance. One day, he was nowhere to be found and a mysterious gray-hued tower appeared in the woods to the west of the village. Of course, no one could investigate this tower because it lay within the territory of the Beasts.”

“Everyone in Promise knows of the Beasts and fears them. It has been many cycles since anyone has seen one. The Lady and the Founder forced an armistice with the Beasts, establishing the valley and the mines as our rightful territory while their forest homes remained under the control of the Beasts. They are vicious, cruel and utterly untrustworthy. They do not serve the will of Paloma and are not influenced by her clerics. Thus, we have constructed towers around the perimeter of the valley everyone must serve at least a cycle in the Guard. The Guard watches to ensure that the Beasts do not violate the treaty. They have served Promise well for to date, there has been no attack or significant incursion.”

“You want to hear more of the Founder? There is surprisingly little written in the histories about him. He was an elf, we are certain of that much. Some say he was a powerful Druid. Others insist that he was a cleric of Paloma. Another faction claims he was a mighty wizard. Whatever his abilities, he abandoned us over five hundred cycles ago. Out of respect to the Lady, who loved him deeply, I would refrain from asking any further questions.”

“Throughout the valley are farms and ranches. Our economy is very diverse. We raise corn, wheat and barley. Our herds include sheep, pigs, chicken, cows and horses. We grow grapes, harvest honey, brew mead and ferment wine. With the help of the small following of Druids, we replenish our forests within our boundaries and ensure we will keep our word and respect the territory of the Beasts.”

“In the heart of the village itself are the important buildings – The Town Hall, Temple of Paloma, Blacksmith, The Promise Oak (Tavern), the Apothecary, Mill and the birch trees that serve to give paper to the village. There is a stone wall built around these important buildings in the early cycles of Promise with stone brought from the quarry at the far end of the valley. Otherwise, farms and houses are spaced out, giving everyone the living space they require.”

“Still, over a hundred cycles ago, there was a terrible disaster in the mines. Many adult dwarves were killed and many feared that it might see the end of their species! The Lady wisely closed the mines for she had no desire to see more of our people hurt. Our blacksmiths began reworking the steel to create the tools we need most.”

“Promise is ruled by a Council of Elders with each race selecting their elder in whatever manner they wish. The various dwarf clans choose one of their own. The elves obviously allow The Lady, their oldest, to serve as their voice. The humans elect one of their own every few cycles. The person need not even be an elder of their community, although it usually is.”

“The young of Promise spend long cycles learning their trades. Humans will spend seventeen cycles in their apprenticeship. Dwarves spend forty cycles while elves will spend one hundred cycles. At this point, in the fall during the Festival of Paloma, all youths will be tested by the Elders before they are drafted into the Guard. It is the highlight of the Festival and although there are no winners or losers, for everyone must serve in the Guard, it gives the commanders a sense of the youths and their abilities.”

“For the first time in our long, glorious history, the future is in question. Ruby, last of the Druids has passed into Paloma’s arms. Although many see this as a blessing, for these Druids did not serve Paloma, it leaves serious questions regarding where our future wood resources will be found. There are dark rumors of broken plows and other farm instruments. The reworked steel is failing. The Council will speak of this matter after the Festival. The celebration first before we decide how we are to face these challenges to our future.”

The Village of Promise

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