The Tower

It was a dark day for Promise on the day the Tower appeared in the forest. I grew out of the ground like a tree. The earth shook and families called out in terror. Called out for the Founder, the man who had protected and sheltered Promise for so long.

But he never answered. He was nowhere to be found.

As shocked as the people were, the Lady was devastated. She loved the Founder almost as much as she loved Promise. They say that a part of her died that day. She announced that they didn’t need his help. They could move forward with the blessing and guidance of Paloma. A mortal hand, even the Founder’s, was not necessary.

Yet can anyone really say that they don’t think of what might have been when they stare at the stark gray tower, thrust up above the trees? It is a constant reminder that our first, best guardian has gone forever? The Lady Many have suggested that we send someone there. Perhaps the Founder is there, just waiting for us? The Lady always dismisses this suggestion as foolhardy in the extreme. So instead we look at the Tower and wonder…

The Tower

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