The Shepherds

Since the founding of Promise, the sheep have always been segregated from the other herds. Their superior grazing ability does not allow them to use the same land. The slopes to the eastern end of the valley serve as home to the sheep herds.

Simultaneously, there have been those people born to all in Promise who have been challenged or different. It might be a physical defect or mutation. Perhaps it is a mental problem. Whatever the issue, these people have always been segregated. They have formed their own community and some of the children call them rejects. It is not far from the truth. Although the powers that be in the valley reinforce that they are part of the community and they are welcome, they are nevertheless segregated.

The current head is Calen Xu, Gyiny’s father. An albino, he was assigned the duties of shepherd at a young age. One of the most respected members of his band, he tries to bridge the gap between the two people. However, in such a small community, prejudice runs deep and neighbors do judge each other by how they look or how they think.

Many are watching Xu (the daughter) with baited breath. They do not want to see her perform well. Especially since her younger brother (by two cycles), Tomas is severely challenged. A simpleton, he will never be able to aspire for much beyond tending the sheep. And even then, he can only manage with a well-trained dog. Still, he has a pleasant disposition and is very attached to his herd and his dog.

The Shepherds

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