The Reservoir

Many folk think that the reservoir and river are natural. It’s the blessing of Paloma on the valley to her faithful who settled here. That’s not entirely the truth. We can thank the Founder and his powerful faith for bringing the life-giving waters to the valley and Promise.

When the Founder and the Lady arrived in the valley, there was no source of water. The rain and tears of Paloma were all that kept the crops, beasts and people alive. For many cycles, the rain was plentiful and it was not a problem. Then, there was a drought. The crops withered and the beasts grew sick. The children cried out with thirst.

The Founder could not stand by and hear the children suffer. He turned to Paloma and begged her to help him. As the Founder was Paloma’s favorite cleric, she granted his prayers. In his dreams, he saw a fine waterskin, crafted from the finest leather and laced with love and skill.

In the morrow, he described the waterskin to the tanner. Working throughout the day and night, the tanner managed to produce a near duplicate for the Founder. Taking the waterskin, the Founder withdrew inside the temple of Paloma. There, he lay the waterskin on the sacred altar and prayed to the goddess.

For three days and three nights, the Founder grew hoarse with his prayers. At last, the goddess answered and blessed the waterskin. It would produce water in an endless quantity when her name was invoked.

Many of the less-experienced acolytes thought that they should simply keep the waterskin in the temple to provide relief to any who came there. The Founder had a better idea. He traveled to the hills at the north part of the valley. There, with the assistance of the Wizards and Sorcerers of Promise, they carved out the reservoir and the path for the river to take. Placing the waterskin at the deepest point of the reservoir, he then commanded it to produce water.

Although it took time, it wasn’t long before the reservoir was filled with water and it cascaded down, falling to the riverbed. From there, it traveled through the valley. The faithful worked so that all the farms could irrigate their fields. All of this through the blessing and foresight of the Founder.

The Reservoir

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