The Plague

In the early cycles, the herd animals were struck with a terrible plague. Through the stanch prayers of the faithful of Paloma, the tide was turned. Still, the herds had been decimated. It would be many cycles before they could eat meat. Although the Beasts drove their prey into the valley periodically for us to hunt, there was not enough to satisfy the entire village.

The Founder did not want the people to suffer hardship. They had suffered enough with the establishment of Promise and the ravaging of the Beasts. So he drew a circle of arcane power around the Promise Oak and cast his magic wide. Deep within the earth, he discovered underground streams and rivers. With a gesture of power, he transported himself there. Another gesture gave him the ability to see in the darkness and breath. He then summoned the fish and other creatures to him, collecting them in a net of magical power.

When he returned to the surface, it was night. He summoned the Druids and the faithful of Paloma before him and explained what he had done. He also told them what he needed them to do. Although he was a mighty wizard, this was beyond his power.

The Druids and the clerics of Paloma joined together for perhaps the first and only time in the history of the village. By working together, they adapted the fish and shelled creatures to the world of light above the darkness. The reservoir and river now teemed with life. The people could fish and fill their stomachs while the herds recovered. To this day, we can fish thanks to the Founder.

The Plague

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