The Birch Grove

As the cycles passed after the founding of Promise, it became clear that the trees native to the valley were unsuitable for making parchment and paper. As books and paper became more rare, everyone knew something had to be done.

The Founder transformed himself into one of the beasts as only a powerful Druid can. He walked into the forests, searching for some way to stop the written word from disappearing forever. At last he came to a clearing with beautiful trees with what looked like white paper for bark. These, he knew were what he was searching for.

He transformed back to his birth-form and gathered, twigs, leaves and branches. He simply could not carry enough of them in an animal form. He traveled swiftly back to the valley. Although the Beasts tracked his journey, they did not attack him. They respected the power that nature had given him and did not wish to lose another war to him.

Upon entering the valley, the Founder carefully planted the items in the ground near the village itself. Calling upon the power of nature again, the clippings sprung up to full-grown trees. He named them birch trees and made the Druids swear to watch over and protect them for all time. These trees would guard the written word in Promise.

Ever since then, the birch trees have provided us with paper and parchment so that we can write down our words and they will not be forgotten.

The Birch Grove

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