Cosmology and Magic

There are some major differences between our world and the world of Promise. Most notably is that arcane and divine magic exists and works. You see the miracles performed by the blessed of Paloma every day. How can you not believe in this goddess and worship her for the blessings she gives her faithful?

Arcane magic is divided into two schools: external and innate. Those who practice innate magic (sorcerers) are able to draw energy directly from the Maelstrom to power their spells. “What is the Maelstrom?” you ask? To see the power of the Maelstrom, all you have to do is look into the night sky. It is not visible in the daylight hours because the light of the sun overpowers it. At night, you can see the rainbow lights of the Maelstrom swirl in an almost hypnotic pattern. There are no stars in the night sky of Promise, only the swirling field of energy that is the source of a sorcerer’s power. Some claim that Paloma draws her power from this well of energy as well. None should say this within hearing of a disciple of Paloma though!

Those who practice wizardy also draw their power from the Maelstrom. However, they don’t have the ability to draw the power directly. Thus, they study and practice their craft, learning to channel the power safely through on of the elements: Water, Fire and Earth. These three elements are best represented by the world itself (Earth), the blessed tears of Paloma (rain – Water) and the Sun (Fire).

It is written that Paloma guides the Sun into the sky every day and its light helps the plants to grow. The sun rises from the north until it reaches its zenith in the sky at approximately mid-day. It then makes the return journey. In the warmer months, it stays at its zenith for several hours. In the colder months, it immediately begins its return journey to its home.

The moon is not nearly as predictable. It does not travel in a prescribed manner. Nor does it ever appear to look the same. Some call it the “Eye of Paloma” but never in earshot of the faithful. Sometimes it is a bright orb in the sky, round and bright. At other times, it is a mere sliver, barely visible. Some nights, it is nowhere to be found.

Cosmology and Magic

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