Jennifer Clarke

High Priestess of Paloma


The current spiritual head of the church of Paloma, Jennifer takes her duties very seriously. She was a very vocal opponent of the Druids and although she hasn’t said so publicly, she has inferred that her passing is a blessing. Her husband, Arkadi is also a priest of Paloma and serves as the master of any new acolytes. Jennifer believes the wood shortage is unimportant. Paloma will grant her faithful the blessings to restore this resource. Her faith is her goddess is complete. She spends most of her time ensuring that the marriage and reproduction laws are followed. In her opinion, young people do not take their duty to maintain the population of Promise seriously.

Thin to the point of emaciation, Jennifer is barren and has no children. She is an extreme traditionalist and everything in the world is black-and-white to her.

Jennifer Clarke

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