Valdor Forestmaster

Leader of the Border Guard


The leader of the Border Guard assumes the title of Forestmaster, despite the fact that no one ever leaves the valley. The Border Guard watch to ensure that no Wildebeasts violate the Treaty and enter the valley. He has served as Forestmaster for the past five cycles and is the first dwarf to do so in over a century. The elves of Promise were vehemently opposed to his appointment, particularly with the changes he has implemented in the Guard. Valdor is responsible for implementing different tests each cycle for the youths to test their meddle before allowing them to join the Guard. He is a loyal and vocal supported of Drnxchma and makes no secret that he feels Promise should begin mining iron yet again.

Unusually lithe for a dwarf, Valdor dresses in forest colours typical of a Ranger. His billowing green cloak is his trademark in the valley. He shaves his head and his brown beard is long and intricately-braided. He is surprisingly soft-spoken for a dwarf and is a master of the chobos.

Valdor Forestmaster

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