The village of Promise is nestled in a valley surrounded by thick, dark woods which are home to the dreaded Wildebeasts. It has been over seven hundred cycles since The Founder and The Lady brought the inhabitants here to live in peace. The villagers must not only grow crops and raise livestock, they must also watch the perimeter of the valley to ensure the Wildebeasts do not invade.

Resources are beginning to dwindle, particularly iron. For many cycles, the mine has been abandoned and the blacksmiths reforging the metal into useful tools. The wood in the valley must also be carefully cultivated to ensure self-sufficiency.

In this seven hundred and sixth cycle since the village was founded, more youngsters are coming of age than ever before. The village gathers to watch the tests as the young ones compete to prove themselves worthy of joining the Border Guard.

Promise D.O.T.R.D.